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Bracket Racing/Index Racing Chassis/Car

Edge cars are great for just starting out because of the low cost. Get 2 Edge cars and if you don?t like the hobby your investment is $120. You can sell them for both for $80. Then when you want to upgrade and start doing your own testing, there are many things you can change. You can make changes from the body to the wheelie bars. The Edge allows you to swap the olites from the factory 1/8th axles to the standard 3/32nd. When you change the olites the gear ratios are almost unlimited. You can even practice using a dermel tool by cutting the motor tab and making it a sidewinder chassis. When you change the olites the axle, tires, and spur gear will need to be replaced. About a $20 upgrade.

A great first build are the WRP-C06 or WRP-C10 for inline or the WRP-C09 or WRP-C10 for sidewinders. You cut two equal pieces of tubing, soldier them to the chassis kit and you have a bare chassis. These chassis allow you to build the chassis to the body that you want to use.
Depends on how fast you really want to go.
Most tracks are going to the 60 second clocks. You have 60 seconds to prep your lane and have both your stage and pre-stage bulbs lit. I suggest one of 3 motors. The Speed FX, The Parma 502, or the Plafit motor are great bracket index motors. These motors will take the least amount of time to prep your lane. They can be very consistent. Other than the plafit motor you can make simple easy upgrades to other two motors. $5 and you can change the brushes that go in the motor and the springs. These changes make the motor a little faster and I think consistent.

Tires/ Front Wheels
Tires are made from a foam rubber. They have many different designs from Stars to Centerlines. Front wheels come in the same designs as the rears with an O-ring as the tires. Front wheels generally do not touch the track.

Cost of a Beginners Bracket Car

Brand New Ready to Run ParmaEdge Car $58
Using one of the WRP Chassis Kit that was mentioned $10
Tubing 3 pieces 2 for chassis 1 for body and front wheel mounting $ 6
Guide flag, lead wires, braids $ 5
Rear Tires $16
Front wheels $ 8
Axle, Spur gear, pinion $10
Wheelie Bars $ 5
Motor straight out of bag mentioned less than $15
Sub Total $75.00
You can use a model kit, lexan, resin, or styrene bodies. Lexans are the cheapest at about $6, Styrene are about $9, Models are about $10 to $16, Resin can cost from$20 to $50. Remember then you will have to have them painted and that adds to the cost.

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