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Slot Car Racing F.A.Q.'s & Tips


QUESTION: I am interested in using my existing SCX track and buying the new SCX DIGITAL SYSTEM. Are the two tracks compatible and can I connect them directly together?
ANSWER: No, the track is not compatible, but SCX has announced that they will be coming out with a conversion track section soon.

QUESTION: I am interested in putting together a Four lane 1/32 scale track.... Am I better off to start with a set and add the extra track pieces? Or buy all pieces of track, controllers, lap timers and cars separate?
ANSWER: You are always cheaper off buying the second set, rather than buying extra track individually.

QUESTION: Can you give me an idea as to cost and availability of 4 lane racing?
ANSWER: In Scalextric Sport track, the T2 Set will fit inside the T3 Set for 4 Lanes of racing action (approx $350).

QUESTION: I am more interested in Classic Sports Cars and Muscle Street cars....Should I buy Ninco? Scalextric? Carrera?
ANSWER: Its a personal preference, but Carrera has the most muscle cars, Scalextric has the best handling muscle cars, Ninco has the most Classic cars.

QUESTION: What about racing 1/24th scale cars?
ANSWER: Carrera track is wide enough to run both 1:32 and 1:24th scale cars.Ninco straights are wide enough to run the narrow 1:24th scale Parma dragsters.

QUESTION: What is the difference between the tracks and which is best?
ANSWER: Again, its personal preference.Toy Car City prides itself on carrying quality products and Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric and SCX are all quality products.Carrera track has the smooth surface, and is hard plastic like the HO scale. (which means its not as forgiving when dropped or stepped on.) Carrera track is wide enough to run both 1:32 and 1:24 scale cars.Carrera track does not snap and lock in place when put together.
SCX, NINCO and Classic Scalextric have rough road surfaces and are made of a flexible plastic like the big-truck mud flaps.
SCX, NINCO and Classic Scalextric have the "snap together underneath" design and don't come apart when pulled and bumped.
SCX and Classic Scalextric track connections are compatible/interchangeable.
SCX and Classic Scalextric hand controllers, electric lap counters, speedometers, power terminal tracks and transformer plugs are NOT compatible/interchangeable.
Ninco has an adapter track to connect to SCX and Classic Scalextric.
Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric and SCX can be expanded to 8-lanes wide racing.
Carrera and Classic Scalextric offer banked curves. Carrera is much more serious on this topic, offering multiple lane banked curves.
Scalextric Sport Track has a smooth finish like Carrera. Goes together similar to Carrera, but unlike Carrera, Scalextric Sport Track is a durable, flexible plastic.
Scalextric Sport Track snaps and stays together when connected.

QUESTION: What is the difference between the Scalextric Sport track and the regular Scalextric Classic track?
ANSWER: The new Scalextric Sport is flexible and as durable as the old Scalextric Classic Track. The Sport track has a smoother surface track similar to the Carrera track. Each piece of Scalextric Classic Track snaps together with the next track using a Snap Button whole on an extended tab that "snaps" on to the Eye node of the adjoining piece. Sport's new designed connections are similar to the Carrera track, where the track tabs insert into the adjoining track. The difference between the connections of the Sport and Carrera is that the Sport track snaps in place, once the tabs are inserted into the adjoining piece. (No lock pins or lock brackets are needed. The new Sport track is not compatible with the Scalextric Classic track. However, Scalextric has made adapter track to connect Classic track to Sport track. The Classic track seems to be held together a little tighter, but the Sport connections, when locked, do a fine job. Disassembly of each track (Sport or Classic) is about the same, maybe a little easier with the new Sport Track.

QUESTION: Which tracks offer the most expandability with electronic accessories?
ANSWER: In descending order...
Scalextric Sport

QUESTION: I'm looking for a good starter set for my kids, What do I buy?
ANSWER: Again, Toy Car City prides itself on carrying quality products and Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric and SCX are ALL quality products. But it is our opinion, based on the feedback of many many parents that, "out-of-the-box", the SCX Cars stick to the track the best for the young ones. The SCX track is made of a durable flexible plastic that stays snapped together when assembled.
You may have experienced this scenario.... where you get this GIANT HO scale race set for Christmas, and by New Years Day, you have a small oval with only one working car.....
One cause of this is, when the kids are racing on the living room rug and a car leaves the track, the kids immediately jump up, (((with controller still in hand))), because they don't want their opponent to get too far ahead, (((step on the track as they are getting the car))), and..... if the car is out of reach, (((drag the track by the controller wire))), like a puppy hitting the end of its rope. The connections break. The connecting tabs break. The track shrinks by two pieces each time.
The 1:32 SCX, NINCO, Classic and Sport Scalextric tracks are flexible and have the "snap together underneath" design and don't come apart when pulled and bumped. If one steps on the track and bends the metal power strips, it can be easily straightened out.
The 1:32 scale cars are more durable, and, in most cases, are repairable.
Thus, you are able to see the value of your investment in the length of time that the toy maintains the child's attention.
The SCX cars aren't the fastest or the quietest, but the SCX cars stay on the track better than most other cars. This also means that you could buy a Ninco or Scalextric set and add an SCX car for the novice racer.
If you feel that your kids are mature enough, with enough skill/coordination to learn how to control and slow the cars down as they drive into the curves, then the Scalextric Sport sets are a great choice, especially the Trans Am and Indy Nascars.
The TransAm and Indy Nascars don't have a lot of exterior detail parts that easily break off.
The new Sport Car magnets make the cars stick to the track pretty well.
Lately, within the last year, with the recent improvements in Scalextric cars, the addition of a button magnet or bar magnet or silicone tires will make the new Scalextric cars handle better than the SCX and at faster speeds. Also with all the new advanced accessories that Scalextric is coming out with, like the new Digital Race System, Scalextric is, by far, the best track for future expandability and growth in the slot car racing hobby.
Plus, once the novice gets into the "groove" with his/her car, he/she will have a lot more fun as their skill increases, because the Scalextric Sport Cars are quite a bit faster.

QUESTION: I have size constraints of about 3' X 8' and the set will have to be set up and torn down between uses. Which track would you recommend?
ANSWER: You need a track that will be flexible to withstand the repeated "snap-together" and disassembles. We recommend SCX and Scalextric.

QUESTION: What is the difference between smooth surface racing and rough surface racing?
ANSWER: The smooth surface track is a concept from the 50's, 60's and 70's when skill was the racer's edge.No magnets were used to help you stick to the track.
Skill and "tweaking" your car to handle better is the name of the game.
A skilled racer slides into the curves and powers through the curves "sideways" so as he is coming out of the curve, he is full throttle, tires spinning and a little "fishtail" action for grins!
Carrera and Scalextric Sport track is great for skill racing.

QUESTION: What is the difference between Carrera, Fly, Ninco, Scalextric and SCX cars.
ANSWER: Again, its personal preference. Toy Car City prides itself on carrying quality products and Carrera, Fly, Ninco, Scalextric and SCX are all quality products.
Carrera cars are nice looking cars with nice detail, especially the American Muscle Cars and the 007 Aston Marton, but require some skill, some "tweaking" with after-market magnets, to race. However, the latest releases of Carrera Corvettes are one of the top choices in our slot car club. They have got style, detail, speed and handling. Their other latest generation muscle cars come with adjustable sliding magnets for better handling.
Fly ... most of their cars are all around awesome, however some are a little noisier than others.
These cars have generally been the slot car "hobbyist's" choice for collecting and racing.
Fly pays very close attention to detail and racing chassis balance designs.
They offer cars that have engines in the front with drive shafts to the rear axle, .... to direct drive engine/gear configurations, without ring and pinion gearing.
Ninco cars are nice looking cars with nice detail.
They are quiet, fast, but require a bit of skill, or some "tweaking" with after-market magnets, silicone tires, etc., to race.
Scalextric has come a long way with their cars in the last couple years.
They have made some much needed improvements to chassis handling.
The detail on the New Sport Scalextric cars is "top shelf".
Overall, the Scalextric cars are perhaps the fastest and quietest cars out.
They still need a little skill for driving into the curves, but what a difference in handling, from a few years ago, when they went straight, when the road would curve.
The Sport Scalextric cars have earned the respect of many of our customers and club members and are treated not only as slot race cars, but as collectible models. From what we have seen, the New Sport Cars are closing in fast on the Fly cars.
With the test runs on our newly constructed huge in-store Toy Car City Raceway Race Track Display, the new Scalextric Sport Cars may be "taking the Fly cars on the inside" .
SCX cars, "Out-of-the-box", stick to the track the best and do the best on short courses, especially with lots of turns. SCX's attention to details on the cars is pretty nice too. They even offer 4-wheel-drive Rally cars with head lights and tail lights! The 4 wheel drive cars are a little noisy because of the 4 wheel drive gearing and the magnet drag. The new SCX cars come in a variety of chassis configurations, including an independent suspension, like in the Audi R8. They have awesome halogen lighting, and their Formula one cars are finely detailed all the way down to the steerable open tire front suspension. SCX Cars are also great for kids as they have adjustable magnets for better control for the beginner racers. SCX is still a great quality car.

QUESTION: I am interested in setting up a 4-Lane 1/32 slot car track. I am leaning towards Scalextric. Not ruling out Carrera. Where would I find layout plans, and track requirements to do so. Any suggestions or preferences would be appreciated. I'd like to incorporate banked section, but that is not the determining factor in track selection.
ANSWER: You have asked some very good questions.
The most popular set that we sell is Scalextric. Doesn't mean that it is the best, but it is the most popular. Scalextric offers the most accessories right now, and at the most affordable prices. As far as layouts. Scalextric has an RMS System that you can use in your Windows PC, that can allow you to plan any layout you would like, up to eight lanes wide and it automatically makes layout closure.. In addition the RMS is a race management system, that offers features like lap counting, average mph, fastest time, fastest lap, sound effects, pit stops and more. It will run qualifying events, heats and championship races with up to 99 racers and up to 8 lanes wide racing and more.
If you are interested in banked curves, the Moto GP Scalextric bike sets have banked curves. Right now that is the only way you'll get banks in Scalextric until 4th qtr 2004. The difference between Scale and Carrera's track is that Scaley is narrower track, as Carrera will also run 1/24 scale cars. Scaley track is flexible plastic, where Carrera is a rigid plastic like the HO race track. If you step on Scaley track you can bend it back. Step on Carrera track and you could possibly break. Scaley track snaps together and usually stays together. Carrera will come apart if you bump the track hard. Carrera offers clips, but availability usually varies. We can get most Scaley parts within 5 days as we get shipments every week. Carrera track, parts and car availability is unpredictable. Scaley cars look and handle great. Carrera cars look great. Scaley has track adapters to make it compatible to everyone else's track brands and accessories except Carrera. Carrera track doesn't adapt to anyone else's track and you cannot use anyone else's accessories, except cars, with a Carrera track. With Scalextric track being narrower, you can fit more layout in the same space. Scaley also has a little cleaner way of setting up the location of all controllers on the same side of the table for 4, 6, & 8.
So, if it sounds like we are promoting Scalextric over Carrera, we are not. Carrera track is wider and won't warp, it offers up to 8 lanes of banked curves, the surface of the track is more true to the scale, which means it is smoother and you need to have skill to drive the track, but it also means a lot of cool fishtailing and drifting in the curves . Many seasoned racers buy Carrera because they can hot wire in upgraded controllers and run their commercial track cars on it in either 1/32 or 1/24th scale. If you are going to fasten the track on a table so that it wont move and shift, and you have unlimited space to do a layout, and you don't care about the Scaley PC/RMS System, Carrera may be the way to go. It is the closest thing to a huge commercial race track. If you decide to go with a huge Carrera layout, pitch the controllers and transformer and put the nice looking Carrera cars on the shelf and get some Scaley cars, and hot wire Parma controllers and a DS transformer to the Carrera track..
If you want the best of all worlds as far as quality and flexibility, then consider Ninco. Ninco track is wider than Scaley, heavier duty, better quality, flexible like Scaley and stays snapped together better than Scaley. Though Ninco track is wider, running 1/24th cars on Ninco would be tight.. If you are not running 1/24, who cares!. Also, Ninco doesn't offer banked turns, either. Again, banked curves are high maintenance. Ninco is also much more expensive. Again, take the Ninco cars and put them on the shelf and run Scaley cars. Ninco also offers an adapter to connect to Scaley and SCX accessories and Ninco offers the ability to connect Scaley and SCX special track pieces to Ninco.
Aside from that, you can run any mfg.'s cars on any mfg.'s track. If you have kids, stay with the Scaley, because it is durable enough for the money, best bang for the buck, the cars handle better and the track is flexible, stays snapped together and is fairly forgiving to the little racers accidents.
Again, whether you choose Carrera, SCX or Scaley, high banked curves can be a real pain. They are high maintenance as the supports and track keep shifting. The Toy Car City Raceway Scalextric track has no banks for that reason.
As far as which sets to buy for 4 lane racing. Scalextric used to has the T2 and T3 sets, identical layout patterns, one with standard curves, one with outer curves, so that one track layout, T2, would fit inside the other layout, T3, for 4 lane racing. However, if you don't want to go with the T2 or T3, all the track from the T2 and T3 sets, for 4 lan racing is available separately.
As far as layout plans, designs and choices go........this is probably the most agonized-over issue with most new race track buyers. Ironically, once you got into this hobby with your first set , you'll smack yourself in the forehead and go "duh"! This is a hobby, just like playing pool or playing cards or putting together jigsaw puzzles. You always get bored with the present game and opt for the upgrade and/or new game or puzzle. Likewise with slot car racing, you are always expanding and adding on and changing the layout. That's part of the fun of the hobby. Between changing the layout and souping up your car or adding the new latest fastest car to your garage, that is what makes the hobby always exciting.

QUESTION: I own a 4 lane Scalectric track that I think is the classic, not the sport. The surface has some texture to it, it is not smooth My controllers are wearing out, and I am interested in upgrading to something more durable, with better performance if possible. My current controllers do not have breaking built in to them. What would you recommend?
ANSWER: If you want "braking" you will need to do one of two things. Either upgrade to the new sport system power base and controllers, which offer braking built in.....and can be up graded to the Parma Sport controllers later.

  Power Base & 2 Hand Controllers*
NOTE: Track pieces have both SPORT and CLASSIC connections.

Power Base Multi Lane & 2 Hand Controllers*
NOTE: Track pieces have both SPORT and CLASSIC connections.
Or.....up grade to the Professor Motor's controllers with optional braking and plug adapter added. You'll either love Professor Motors controllers or you'll hate them. They are a big bulky controller. Approx. 10"x4". Also, with the Professor Motors controllers with optional braking, you have to take your finger all the way off the trigger to brake, unlike the new Sport system and controllers.
Personal preference, (and most reliable, economical and consistent).......up grade to the sport power bases and go with the Parma Controllers. The new Sport power bases are also set up to run separate power to both lanes via the addition of a second port for a second transformer to power the second lane.
There is nothing wrong with Professor Motor products. In fact the controllers are much more technically advanced than the Parma. They are just a bigger bulkier controller, and to brake, you have to totally release the trigger. The Parma's are smaller and light weight. The downside to the Scalextric Sport power base system is that you MUST remember to not have cars on the track when plugging and unplugging the controllers. There is a narrow ring on the controller plug, for reversing polarity, which is the braking control section of the plug, and if there is a car on the track as that plug passes the different contact points inside the female end of the plug, the car completes the electrical circuit and it might "fizzle" the "toy safety" circuit breaker on the computer board inside the power base. Its a simple repair. Just order a new power base system :-)

Carrera Digital 132 FAQs

QUESTION: What are the differences and additional features of Carrera Digital 132 compared to Evolution PRO-X and PRO-X respectively?
ANSWER: Carrera Digital 132:
- Up to 6 cars can race on one track simultaneously
- Full speed overtaking at the push of a button
- Carrera Digital 132 cars are digitally controlled and  individually codable via speed controller
- Cars can be used as well on EVOLUTION
- Mainly with front light (Xenon) and rear/brake light, sound finish of bodywork
- Pace Car and Autonomous Car can be operated
- Individual adjustment of maximum speed and car?s braking performance
- Pit stop lane available as accessory, maximum gas tank capacity can be varied
- Compatible with PRO-X, meaning all Carrera Digital 132 items can be used for PRO-X .
- Can be extended with any basic track material, scale 1:24

QUESTION: What is the technical data and scale of Carrera Digital 132 ?
ANSWER:1. Scale of tracks 1:24, scale of vehicles 1:32, track width: 198 mm, transformer: 14.8 volts, 3.5 amp

ANSWER:2. Carrera Digital 132 supports up to 6 cars.
QUESTION: Does the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box have 6 controller connections or still only 4? 

ANSWER: The Carrera Digital 132 Black Box still has of 4 controller connections. In case 5 and/or 6 cars shall be operated the controller extension box or the IR System need to be utilized. Both the controller extension box and the Wireless receiver for the IR System are connected to the Black Box.
QUESTION: In which way can car number 5 and 6 be operated with Carrera Digital 132?
There are 2 possibilities:
ANSWER: 1. By using the speed controller extension box. This is plugged in the connection of speed controller 1 and thus allows a total of 6 speed controllers being used, i.e. controller 1, 3, 4 in the extension box and speed controller 2, 5, 6 in the Black Box.
ANSWER: 2. Wireless: Connecting to Black Box Tower 1 and/or 2 in order to be able to control cars 1 to 4 via Wireless. Black Box connection 1 and 4 results in controlling speed regulators for car number 5 and 6.

QUESTION: Can Carrera Digital 132 be expanded up to 4 lanes?
ANSWER: Carrera Digital 132 is dimensioned for 2 lanes. One basic idea behind this digital system is to be able to play with several players on floor space as small as possible.

QUESTION: Will there be an extension cable for the speed controllers to avoid 6 drivers stepping on each others? feet?
ANSWER: No, this is not allowed due to CE regulations (interference resistance). For this reason the controller extension box comes with an additional 1 metre of cable to be connected. This allows increasing the players? distance to each other. 
FAQs Combination with Wireless:

QUESTION: Can Wireless be combined unrestricted with Carrera Digital 132 or are there any fixed standards (e.g. only 4x Wireless + 2x cable controller or 4x cable controller + 2x Wireless)?
ANSWER: Yes, these two systems are unrestricted. There are fixed  controller connections only for addresses 5 and 6. Both controller connections at the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box?s right hand side are solely intended for the use of addresses 5 and 6 with the IR System being plugged or inserted. Only 4 cars may be controlled via Wireless. Cars number 5 and 6 have to be controlled by means of cable speed controllers at the Black Box (in Black Box?s plug 3 and 4).

QUESTION: Can all 6 cars or only cars ID 1-4 be controlled via Wireless speed controllers?
ANSWER: Wireless disposes of addresses 1 to 4 only. Addresses 5 and 6 can be exclusively operated by means of cable speed controllers.

QUESTION: How many Ghost Cars does Carrera Digital 132 support? May the total number of cars operated exceed 6 cars or not?
ANSWER: Up to a maximum of 8 cars are being supported. This means: 6 active cars + 2 ghost cars or 8 ghost cars. 

QUESTION: Are the Ghost Cars capable to memorise, i.e. do they save a lap manually driven or does the speed still have to be fixed (?infinitely variable?)?
ANSWER: The speed can be fixed. However, the ?fixed? speed can now be infinitely varied.

QUESTION: Is the Ghost Car?s intelligence generally improved? For instance: Ghost Cars of the PRO-X line very often enter the Pit Stop Lane.
ANSWER: The Ghost Cars of Carrera Digital 132 no longer enter the Pit Stop Lane automatically.

Carrera Digital 132 Power Supply
QUESTION: The Carrera Digital 132 power supply has the same item number 30326 as the PRO-X power supply with 3.5 amp. Will that be retained for Carrera Digital 132? For how many cars is the 3.5 amp transformer sufficient and how many cars can be operated without any problems?

ANSWER: The power of the transformer, item number 30326, is sufficient for up to 7 cars.

PC link:
QUESTION: Which parts do dispose of a computer link? (only the Black Box or the lap counter as well?) What can I do with it? e.g. Firmware update of Black Box, lap counter and cars?
ANSWER: The Black Box and the lap counter have a computer link. By means of these links it is possible to update all system parts such as lane change sections, Pit Stop Lane(s), lap counter, cars and Black Box. 

QUESTION: Is it possible to run the Racing Management with/in Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: No. The Racing Management can exclusively be operated in analogue mode. 

QUESTION: Can cars of other manufacturers be retrofitted to Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: This is possible when having adequate technical skills. As a matter of course changing any of the components will invalidate your warranty. 

QUESTION: Which circuit length does require any additional supply with Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: Tracks of an entire length of 12 metres and more should be equipped with an additional power supply. Since 2006 the generation of modified U-profile connections between the individual track parts has drastically minimized the power loss. Additional supply cables required are item number 20584 (cable length 5m) and item number 20585 (cable length 10m).  Under no circumstances you shall connect any further Black Boxes and/or transformers (danger of causing a short circuit!).

QUESTION: Will it be possible to adjust the retrofit-decoders to the engine and car weight?
ANSWER: No. There are 2 different decoders which are matched to the frame size of the cars. 

QUESTION: How does lap counting work exactly with Carrera Digital 132? Via guide keel as with PRO-X or does the car send a signal via the diode?
ANSWER: When passing the Carrera Digital 132 lap counter the Carrera Digital 132 car sends a characteristic signal. This means lap counting works differently to lap counting of PRO-X.

QUESTION: Will the Carrera Digital 132 lap counter display the times of all 6 cars at the same time in future or still only 4?
ANSWER: The Carrera Digital 132 lap counter will display all 6 cars.

QUESTION: Will the tank filling level have any effect on the cars' handling characterics (full tank & slower car and vice versa)?

QUESTION: Will the Black Box contain different racing modes, similar to e.g. Ninco?

QUESTION: Has a dual operation been realized with the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box (option to switch to analogue)?
ANSWER: No. The Digital Black Box is designed for a digital system. Any additional costs which might arise from this possibility can by no means be borne by Carrera Digital 132 consumers.

QUESTION: Do Carrera Digital 132 cars also run on analogue race tracks? Are there any restrictions (e.g. Scalextric: digital cars do not have any brake when being operated in the analogue mode)?
ANSWER: Yes, the Carrera Digital 132 cars also run on analogue race tracks (Evolution). The new cars do have the same braking characteristics whether being operated in digital or analogue mode. There are no limitations.

QUESTION: Is programming of the Carrera Digital 132 cars being effected via a push sequence on the speed controller which even works with the old PRO-X Black Box? Is that correct?

QUESTION: Is it possible to effect individual car programming with other cars being on the race track and without disturbing the programming operation? (Other manufacturers require programming being effected with only one single car on the track).
ANSWER: Carrera Digital 132 allows individual car programming even with other cars being on the race track. In this case you have to be careful that the other cars do not stop for more than 2 seconds. Otherwise you could programme those cars to the same ID.

QUESTION: What is the switch on the Carrera Digital 132 cars? bottom for?
ANSWER: The switch serves changing the running direction and polarity in analogue operation respectively (Evolution). 

FAQs Compatibility Carrera Digital 132 & PRO-X
QUESTION: Is it possible to use the Carrera Digital 132 lane change sections, Pit Stop Lane and lap counter also in a PRO-X racetrack? If so, do the new parts recognize automatically that they are operated in a PRO-X environment?
ANSWER: The Carrera Digital 132 parts automatically recognize the mode PRO-X and Carrera Digital 132 respectively.

QUESTION: Is it possible to run the Carrera Digital 132 cars on PRO-X? If so, do they automatically recognize PRO-X?
ANSWER: All Carrera Digital 132 cars automatically recognize the mode and can be used in both systems, PRO-X and Carrera Digital 132.

QUESTION: How does lap counting of a Carrera Digital 132 car work with the PRO-X lap counter?
ANSWER: A replacement guide keel for PRO-X operation with a PRO-X lap counter will be attached to the Carrera Digital 132 cars.

QUESTION: Is it possible to run both PRO-X cars and Carrera Digital 132 cars on a PRO-X racetrack at the same time?
ANSWER: Yes, it is possible as Carrera Digital 132, i.e. also the car, is compatible downwards.

QUESTION: Is it possible to use PRO-X lane change sections and Carrera Digital 132 lane change sections in a PRO-X racetrack at the same time?
ANSWER: Yes, this is possible as Carrera Digital 132, i.e. also lane change sections, are compatible downwards.

QUESTION: How can a Carrera Digital 132 car be used on a PRO-X racetrack? How is the encoding carried out?
ANSWER: Encoding works as Carrera Digital 132?s encoding by activating the speed controller?s lane-change-button (index finger). Place the car on the track, double-click on lane-change-button. Lift the car from the track and put the car on the track again and again double-click on lane-change-button for confirmation.

QUESTION: Is it possible to use the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box also for PRO-X cars?
ANSWER: Yes. For this purpose the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box has to be switched to the PRO-X mode. However, this means that the additional Carrera Digital 132 functions cannot be used.

QUESTION: The newly constructed cars are no longer equipped with the punched guide keel. Do I have to fit a Carrera Digital 132 car with a punched guide keel in order to be able to operate Carrera Digital 132 cars on PRO-X incl. PRO-X lap counter?
ANSWER: Yes, if you want to count laps with a Carrera Digital 132 car in the PRO-X mode a punched guide keel will have to be fixed. This will be attached to the Carrera Digital 132 cars.

FAQs Compatibility PRO-X & Carrera Digital 132
QUESTION: Are the Carrera Digital 132 speed controllers identical with the PRO-X controllers? Is it possible to unrestrictedly use the PRO-X controllers with a Carrera Digital 132 Black Box?
ANSWER: The Carrera Digital 132 and PRO-X speed controllers are identical. The only difference is their colour. The PRO-X speed controllers may be used with Carrera Digital 132 and vice versa.

QUESTION: Can all PRO-X cars be driven on Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: No, it is not possible to use a PRO-X car on/in Carrera Digital 132.

QUESTION: Is it possible to retrofit PRO-X cars to Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: Yes, if the PRO-X circuit board is replaced by a corresponding Carrera Digital 132 circuit board. This requires appropriate soldering skills.

QUESTION: Is it possible to run both PRO-X cars and Carrera Digital 132 cars on a Carrera Digital 132 racetrack at the same time?
ANSWER: No. It is not possible to run PRO-X cars on a Carrera Digital 132 racetrack.

QUESTION: Is it possible to use PRO-X lane change sections and Carrera Digital 132 lane change sections in a Carrera Digital 132 racetrack at the same time?
ANSWER: Yes. However, it is only possible to operate PRO-X then. This means that the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box has to be switched to PRO-X mode.

QUESTION: Is it possible to race 6 adjustable Carrera Digital 132 cars on a PRO-X racetrack?
ANSWER: No, it is only possible to run 4 cars. Similar to PRO-X you can only use up to 4 Carrera Digital 132 cars being controlled via speed regulators. But it is possible to additionally use 1 Pace Car and 1 Ghost Car. This requires a 3.5 amp PRO-X transformer.

QUESTION: The Carrera Digital 132 Black Box can be manually switched to the PRO-X mode and any connected lane change sections and lap counters as well. Is that correct? Or does the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box automatically switch to the PRO-X mode as soon as a PRO-X lap counter or PRO-X lane change section is being used?
ANSWER: The Carrera Digital 132 Black Box needs to be manually switched to the PRO-X mode / Carrera Digital 132 mode respectively. The Carrera Digital 132 Black Box does not automatically recognize whether PRO-X or Carrera Digital 132 parts are being used. But all parts connected such as lap counter, lane change sections or Pit Stop Lane do automatically recognize the mode set at the Black Box.

QUESTION: Which parts of an existing PRO-X racetrack need to be replaced to be able to use the Carrera Digital 132 technology?
ANSWER: Black Box, lane change sections, cars and Pit Stop Lane (if existing) of Carrera Digital 132 need to be replaced.

QUESTION: Does upgrading PRO-X to Carrera Digital 132 also require changing the lane change sections and Pit Stop Lane, or is it sufficient to change the Black Box and the lap counter?
ANSWER: When using PRO-X lane change sections, PRO-X Pit Stop Lane(s) or PRO-X lap counter you can only operate Carrera Digital 132 in PRO-X mode. The PRO-X lane change sections cannot recognize the different modes. All new cars can handle the PRO-X mode. If you wish to drive in Carrera Digital 132 mode the old system parts need to be replaced.

FAQs Compatibility Evolution & Carrera Digital 132
QUESTION: Is it possible to upgrade an existing Evolution racetrack to Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: Yes, this is possible by means of extension set item no. 26734, additional car decoders and/or Carrera Digital 132 cars as well as Carrera Digital 132 lane change sections.

QUESTION: Is it possible to retrofit all Evolution cars to Carrera Digital 132?
ANSWER: All "new" Evolution cars as of 2007 can be retrofitted. "New" cars refer to cars which represent a new model as of 2007.

QUESTION: Is it possible to run Carrera Digital 132 cars on analogue, i.e. on an Evolution racetrack?
ANSWER: Yes. By pressing the speed controller three times (thumb), Carrera Digital 132 cars can be adjusted to analogue operation whilst standing on the Evolution racetrack.

FAQs Exclusiv digital in general
QUESTION: How will the power supply be provided for Exclusiv in digital mode, if 6 cars are running digitally? For which number of cars will the transformer?s power be sufficient?

ANSWER: A number of up to 4 cars can be operated with a digital Exclusiv transformer item no. 20758, or the Exclusiv transformer item no. 20750 + adapter item no. 20524. 

FAQs Compatibility Exclusiv & Carrera Digital 132
QUESTION: Is it possible to digitally retrofit all Exclusiv cars?

ANSWER: All Exclusiv cars which are equipped with rocker arm (cars constructed from 2005) can be upgraded or retrofitted by complementary purchasing a digital car decoder.

FAQs Upgrade PRO-X to Carrera Digital 132
QUESTION: Is retrofitting PRO-X parts to Carrera Digital 132 being offered?
ANSWER: Basically every user of PRO-X can extend and maintain his system by purchasing Carrera Digital 132 items to upgrade or retrofit PRO-X cars to Carrera Digital 132. Carrera Digital 132 was designed to be downward compatible to PRO-X, so that PRO-X racers could use Carrera Digital 132 cars on a PRO-X System or upgrade PRO-X to Carrera Digital 132, if they so desire.


TOY CAR CITY'S Frequently asked H.O. Scale Slot Car Racing questions:

QUESTION: I am looking for parts to some older AFX Cars. Information on the box says "Aurora AFX Racing. Transformer Output is: 12 VADC- 18VDC Max Output I am seeking car parts such as shoes, springs and tires. These cars are from 1975. Which apply to my AFX cars?
ANSWER: This is hard to answer, without a visual comparison, not knowing if you have Aurora cars or Aurora AFX or Aurora G-Plus or Aurora AFX Super G-Plus. In the 70's they were just starting to come out with G-Plus cars in the sets. The pickups, guides, springs and tire rims are different.

QUESTION: Are replacement tracks available for the old Aurora track? The connector piece is "L" shaped that hook the track together end to end.
ANSWER: From the old original Aurora track to the current AFX TOMY track system there are at least three different generations of track styles and connections. The old metal clasp connection system is nolonger available. The last two generations of Aurora AFX and AFX TOMY are compatible through the Lifelike track converter system. Lifelike makes converter/connector pieces that allow you to connect your old Aurora set to your new AFX TOMY set. You will basically have to buy two different connector sets..... One to connect Aurora to Lifelike,.... and one to connect Lifelike to AFX TOMY.

QUESTION: My friend has a Tyco track with Tyco cars, do these cars have the same insides as my AFX cars.
ANSWER: For the most part......No. Other than some of the ring gears, axles or rear tires, most car's parts are NOT interchangable between manufacturers. The most important parts that usually need replacing are the pickup shoes and guides. These are not interchangable between brands. Infact, Aurora car parts and AFX TOMY car parts are not interchangable.

QUESTION: Can any HO cars be exchanged between tracks?
ANSWER: 98% of all HO slots will run on all HO slot car tracks. The 2% that are not compatible are TYCO "command control" and TYCO TCR HO race cars and tracks. These are "slotless" race systems. Cars and track are not compatible.

QUESTION: I have just acquired an AFX TOMY race set from a friend, I already have a Mattel TYCO set. Can I somehow connect the two tracks together?
ANSWER: Lifelike makes converter/connector pieces that allow you to connect your old Mattel TYCO set to your new AFX TOMY set. You will basically have to buy two different connector sets..... One to connect TYCO to Lifelike,.... and one to connect Lifelike to AFX TOMY.

QUESTION: I have just bought an AFX TOMY race set thinking it was the same as my old Aurora set. The track connectors are not the same. How can I connect the two tracks together?
ANSWER: Lifelike makes converter/connector pieces that allow you to connect your old Aurora set to your new AFX TOMY set. You will basically have to buy two different connector sets..... One to connect Aurora to Lifelike,.... and one to connect Lifelike to AFX TOMY.

Here's the latest Update in 1:32 Scale Slot Rar Racing Tips!

SCALEXTRIC Race Management System

Q. Laps do not register when cars pass over RMS track.
A. 1. Make sure RMS powerbase track is level. Sometimes when putting the track together to make a layout, a slight kink/bend may appear in the center causing cars to miss the lever in the track. It is important with the RMS track piece to ensure that the track section leading on to the RMS section and the RMS section are BOTH level. This helps prevent the car blade guide from launching over the sensor caused by a "ramp" effect from the previous track section. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized as the slightest bump or lump will give inconsistent results and detract from your enjoyment.
2. Make sure all leads are connected securely and that the COM port in the options screen matches the one you are connected to.
3. Some older cars are very light at the front. This may cause them to jump the lever at high speeds. To solve this you can move the RMS track to a slower portion of your track layout or put additional weight in the front of the car. Moving the RMS track would be the preferred option, as additional weight in the car would have an overall effect on performance.
4. Close RMS and restart your PC, then try RMS again.

Q. My lead does not seem to fit anywhere on my computer.
A. Ensure your computer is fitted with a COM port. Some new computers are not fitted with any COM ports. If this is the case, then as stated in the system requirements, your computer is not compatible with RMS.

Q. Does RMS work with Windows 2000 & XP?
A. RMS has been installed on Windows 2000 & XP and appears to run without any problems. However, RMS has ONLY been extensively tested on Windows 95 & 98 and is therefore recommended for use with Windows 95 &98.

Q. I have installed RMS in the wrong language.
A. You will need to uninstall RMS and reinstall ensuring you select your chosen language. To do this, go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and remove Scalextric Sport RMS, then delete the Scalextric Sport RMS folder from C:/Program Files. Reinstall RMS.

Q. My screen displays "RMS not in drive, please exit and insert RMS disk".
A. This may occur when your drive has a name other than D; to rectify this problem you need to right click on the RMS shortcut and click on properties, change the destination to:
C;Program FilesScalextricSportRMSpcinteractive.exe-d:.

Q. Where are the car images to download from the website?
A. The images and video clips on the website can only be accessed via RMS on your PC. RMS will connect to the Internet and the Scalextric website and display the images. When you click on a car image the download process will start and the two image files will be downloaded in to RMS and will automatically be placed in the correct group e.g. Rally, Touring, etc. It is not possible to view the car images directly on the Scalextric website.
Track and Accessories
Scalextric has been making 1:32 scale plastic sectional track since the 1950s. Its Classic track system, continuously in production for more than 40 years, has remained the undisputed leader in durability, versatility, and space efficiency. Scalextric has developed a track system for the 21st Century. Its Sport track system retains all of the best qualities of the Classic track system and added features and capabilities racers have been asking for. Sport track retains the same dimensions as Classic track. Sport includes all the same track sections, including half-standard curves and 1/5 or "short" straights, and will bring back outer-outer curves, giving Sport users 4 different curve radii and guaranteeing unmatched versatility and layout options. Sport track, like Classic track, is made of a resilient plastic material, described as "linear low-density polyethylene" that allows it to be used in situations where maximum durability is vital. You can step on it, assemble and disassemble it over and over, and let children play with it unsupervised without worry about the track breaking due to less-than-gentle handling. It is somewhat less flexible than Classic track but still flexible enough to allow flat curves to be banked simply by fastening them down to an appropriate support structure constructed to the desired bank angle. That task is made easier by clips that slide into the track edges and allow the track to be firmly secured to the tabletop without having to put any fasteners through the track itself. Sport track lies flatter than Classic track. Its plated steel contact strips are flush with the track surface, which has much less texture than Classic track. The improved track surface delivers greater grip with silicone and other high-traction tire compounds. The result is smoothness and performance previously seen only on fragile and far less user-friendly rigid plastic track. Sport track can be assembled and disassembled without lifting it off the tabletop. The sections slide together easily and click into a strong, positive connection that holds the track sections firmly together. Quick-release tabs on the track edges allow easy disassembly. The contact strip ends have been revised for the best possible electrical continuity. The slots are deep enough to allow any 1:32 scale home track RTR car to run on Sport track without modification to the guide. Commercial track guides may still have to be thinned and possibly shortened but they do not, in most cases, have to have any depth trimmed off.

Q. What is the best way to fasten track to a table (plywood etc.)?
A. In a perfect world, it is best not to nail or glue the track to a base. The reason for this is that plastic and metal (the two ingredients of Scalextric track) expand and contract at different rates. If at all possible keep your track layout in a dry and constant temperature room. This will minimize the warping and kinking in your track. I you need to fasten the track to a table you can use our #C8232 track clips. These slip into the edges of Sport track and allow you to use a wire brad to fasten your track down. On the older Classic track you can carefully drill, using a 1/16" drill, a hole from the underside, through the center of the nub that the connecter from the next piece of track fits on. This will allow you to use a 3⁄4" wire brad through the whole to fasten your track down. You can use black paint or a felt tipped marker to touch up the nail heads so the do not show as much.

Q. Are the old (Classic) track and the new (Sport) track compatible?
A1. You will need to purchase a converter straight, part #C8222, to be able to use both styles of track. These converter pieces come as pairs
A2. SCX track is also directly compatible with Scalextric Classic track, and is a great source alternative for additional track, bridge supports, guard rail, narrow and wide radius curves, borders, etc., and is of the same "snap and button" design.

Q. How do I make my layout line up?
A. The Scalextric track system is the most versatile plastic sectional model car racing track system available today. With it you can make almost any layout your imagination can devise. Here are a few tricks that will make your layout building easier and more successful. Have you ever come to that last track joint to be connected and found that your track sections are just a little bit short of connecting or not lined up? You can fix that problem with some half, quarter and fifth straight sections. To make up a small shortfall in length, replace a full straight with a half, a quarter, and two fifths, or a half and three fifths, or whatever combination fills the gap. Or, if you're running long, a half, a quarter, and a fifth, a half and two fifths, or a quarter and three fifths in place of a full straight will usually shorten up the track just enough for a perfect fit. On 4-lane layouts, sometimes there will be a gap between the inside and outside track sections. Combinations of fifths and quarters can be used to lengthen the inside sections or shorten the outside sections to snug them up against one another. If you get to that last connection and one end is a bit to the left or the right of the other go back to another straight that lies at an angle (90 degrees is best) to the straight you're trying to connect. Use halves, fifths, and quarters to lengthen or shorten that straight, pulling the one you are connecting into alignment. You may then have to use a different combination of short sections to lengthen or shorten the track at the connection point. With a little practice and an ample supply of the shorter straight track sections you will find that there is literally no layout you can't fit together, no matter how odd or complex a combination of turns and straight a ways you have laid out.

Q.Is there an inexpensive way to go four-lane racing?
A. When expanding from a two-lane to a four-lane layout with plastic sectional track, a cost-effective way to get all the additional track, cars, controllers, and power system components you will need is to buy another of the same set you already have. Then create a layout using all the straight track sections two abreast and all the curved track sections on the inside of the turns. Then, just purchase enough outer curve sections to complete the curves and you have a complete 4-lane layout at a lower cost than buying all the additional components separately. Once you have your basic 4-lane tri-oval you can go on from there to any kind of 4-lane layout configuration you want. You can go from a tri-oval to a D-shaped oval or a symmetrical oval just by adjusting the way the curves are distributed. All ovals have only 360 degrees of curve, so you can make any oval configuration you want with the same number of curved track sections. You can create a road course by adding additional turns, and you can expand either an oval or a road course to any size you like by adding additional straight sections.

Q. How do I keep the dust and lint off the track?
A. Fold a piece of masking tape in 1/2 (lengthwise), attach to car bottom, then drive around the track in each lane a few times. The dust and dirt will be picked up by the sticky half of the tape while the tape is being dragged across the track. Remove the tape and discard. Its just like the real race track maintenance guys do, only with big brooms, vacuums and sweepers!

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